Our Stores


ElSewedy Stores is a chain of retail stores owned and operated by ElSewedy Engineering Industries, selling a multitude of products from our lines of business. Our stores and dealers are scattered all around the region offering expert sales and technical support relating to our latest innovative and technologically advanced products and services.

All of our stores are currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment operation in order to modernize them and in order for them to reflect and fulfill the quality that our brand promise.

We have strategic plan focuses on the distribution of the products associated to our different lines of business through the company's distribution network comprising of several strategically located warehouses and regional satellite depots providing coverage to our various customer groups.

Retail Stores Locations:

6 El Alfy Street, Downtown, Cairo

12 El Alfy Street, Downtown, Cairo



10th Ramadan

Our Distribution Zones

Zone 1& Zone 2: Down Town Cairo

Zone 3: Greater Cairo

Zone 4: Delta

Zone 5: Alexandria & North Coast

Zone 6: Suez Canal

Zone 7: Upper Egypt